Bermuda 2017

After our trip to Bermuda this past July, Dave and I both hoped we would get to go again someday. We didn't think "someday" would mean seven months later. Alas, over Christmas we booked an "emergency trip" back to that beautiful island in February, and we were able to enjoy a little reprieve from never-ending Newfoundland winter. 

We were able to go for a full week this time, and we also convinced my mom and dad to come along and experience the magic of those Bermudian landscapes and bright colours. The people are so friendly, and it's neat to spend time in another place where everyone seems to know each other or have connections with everyone. Us islanders felt right at home.

Both times, we stayed at Aunt Nea's Inn in St. George's, but we managed to get around and see a lot more of the island this time. Since February is still winter and the temperatures aren't quite beach weather, I'd have to say my favourite activity this time around was traveling on the bus. Seriously. Every single bus ride going anywhere is the scenic route. 

I've been wanting to do a video just for fun for a while, and somehow just haven't had much interest since I started using my camera for work. So with just our iPhones, I managed to get enough footage to put together a little keepsake of our trip for us, and a little taste of Bermuda to convince you go if you haven't already.